Regwise Newsletter - May 2014

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Two for the Price of One

New Magazine - Two for the Price of One

Great news: The first 2014 edition of our full-colour glossy magazine has just been published. This time round we have a rather special issue featuring not one, but two celebrity interviews and photo-shoots.

The first is with businesswoman and The Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman and the second is with Tyger Drew-Honey, one of the stars of the BBC's popular and innovative sitcom Outnumbered.

Elsewhere, we meet businessman and classic car devotee Rodger Dudding at his wonderful Studio 434 'Toy Cupboard'. As well as housing Rodger's amazing collection of classic cars and motoring memorabilia, Studio 434 boasts a photographic cyclorama studio which enables photographers to take pictures without too many troublesome reflections and shadows.

As usual, the rest of the magazine is crammed with news, information, articles and an extensive selection of quality registrations from the UK's largest supplier.

In our previous issue, we reported the passing of Noël Woodall. Noël, known in the cherished registrations world as the Father of Autonumerology, was one of the field's pre-eminent scholars and historians, as well as being a pioneer of personal registration sales as a business. His many books on the subject are standard reference works for all private registrations dealers and enthusiasts. Noël's friend and colleague, Brian Heaton, has written a fine obituary.

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The Worst Job I Ever Had

There is a popular, if somewhat fanciful, belief that early cars had 'a man with a red flag' walking in front of them. Now, things appear to have gone full circle; spare a thought for the professional 'number plate blockers' of Tehran.

The traffic authorities in the Iranian capital have clamped down on private car usage, in an attempt to reduce congestion and pollution, by imposing alternate odd- and even-registration days. This initiative is policed by a visual number plate recognition system. Many motorists are, however, undeterred by the rules; they know that, as they approach the cameras, a number of enterprising gentlemen will, for a small consideration, offer to walk behind their cars, effectively obscuring the licence plates whilst, no doubt, being half choked by exhaust fumes.

But, with similar road-sharing schemes being piloted in both Paris and Beijing, this dubious but amusing activity may become more common. If, heaven forbid, such controls should ever be introduced here, perhaps we will see a new vocation for the now extinct traffic light windscreen washing brigade.

Boris Drives in Style

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is well-known for his use of public transport and the promotion of cycling in the capital, But he has been spotted recently being chauffeured around in a swanky BMW with the number plate MAY 10R.

A spokesperson said, however, that the registration had been arranged privately and was not a civic purchase.

In 1964, the Lord Mayor of London (an entirely different position, currently held by Fiona Woolf) was granted the registration LM 0, which currently resides on a 1984 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. The '0' plates were originally reserved for Scottish civic authorities, this being the only exception.

Coming or Going?

It has been widely reported that a new European Union directive would see the back of rear number plates [sorry-Ed]. Or, more accurately, the end of the distinction between them and their front versions. As usual, it's a scare story which has prompted the DVLA to outline their position, which is as follows:

"The Agency has been advised by DfT that there are no proposals being drawn up by the EU Commission to introduce a European standardised number plate format. It is just one MEP suggesting that the Commission could consider this idea in the future."

One should remember, of course, that we were told, many years ago, that all UK plates would have to bear the EU symbol (which, incidentally, is why they are represented on the Regtransfers logo) but this never happened.

Although not the first of its kind in the world, the UK system has been in place for 110 years and, for much of the time, has included provision for a yellow rear plate, effectively a daylight version of the red rear lights which distinguish the back of a car in front from an oncoming one.

Whilst there may be sound reasons for establishing common plates across the Union, many people see it as an unnecessary interference with our motoring heritage. Perhaps the most interesting case for vive la différence comes from motorists, particularly in the channel seaside resorts and surrounding districts, who argue that recognisably 'foreign' plates promote consideration and allowance for the drivers likely to be unfamiliar with UK roads.

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