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If you wish to add condolences, please email: barrymonks@yahoo.com

July 01, 2009
Been a little over 6 months now and not a day goes by that I dont think of you. All of our friends still find it hard to hear your music and I find it almost impossible to not cry when I think of you in general. You have no idea what you brought into our live and for that we are all thankful. Our love is always with you. Forever and a day.

February 26, 2009
John, shocked and sad to hear the news. I had a smile remembering how we terrorised Llanederyn high school when we were kids. The time we got a rollicking by Mr Griffiths with our mums cringing in the background. Some great memories, I will always regret not keeping in touch. Rest in peace mate.
Eric Bellew

February 23, 2009
Tuesday 24th February would have been John's 44th birthday. Please pray for John, for his family in the UK and the USA, for his friends, for those he loved and left behind.
"I cannot call myself lost, for you cannot be lost if you willingly walk, Away into the sullen night..." - John
R T, Cardiff

January 29, 2009
I didn’t know john as well as others but I certainly had my share of experiences with him. At times our nights out together would border on the surreal, 'filmic' in fact but usually great fun....there's some great stories! I never played with john but almost did on a couple of occaisons and I always thought he had that special ingrediant, the 'x' factor....and was a great looking guy full of presence. there's lots I didnt know about him and i'm so sorry we didnt get to talk rugby / beatles and much more, I didnt even know he was into either!...full of suprises as always. We spoke for the first time is YEARS, about 3 years ago and it was great to talk. I'm shocked to say the least and very sad for all close to him. God bless ya john.\
Simon Adams, Ccardiff

January 21, 2009
Although I only knew him for a short time, I considered John a great friend and a mentor. He did more for me in one year than many have done my whole life. He will be missed very much. Hope to jam with you on the other side, John. R.I.P.
Justin Dilbaitis, Las Vegas, Nevada
January 17, 2009
I loved John like many people did. He will be missed greatly, He brought colour to many peoples worlds. My thoughts are with his familly, who are left with great memories of a very special person
Richard Dunn, Cardiff

January 16, 2009
Words cannot describe how much you will be missed. You were a joy to have has a friend and your wild sense of humor always brought a smile to my face. Thank you for getting me through some difficult times in my life and for always lending an ear when I needed it. Miss you with all my heart. More than you'll ever know.
Crissy R, Michigan

January 16, 2009
John was, in every sense, a star. Great player, great songwriter, great guy. I did some of the best-ever gigs with him a few years back. He was a fantastic conversationalist with an amazing sense of fun and enthusiasm. We spent many hours talking about music, especially, the Beatles. I particularly remember us staggering home from The Red Lion Pub in Breachwood Green one night carrying the old pub sign. This still hangs in our garden at home. Our thoughts are with Carol, Aitken, Aaron, Abi, Bonnie and J.J.
Barry Monks, UK

January 16, 2009
A sad loss to friends, family and not least music. You will be missed John. For those that would like to see them I have uploaded photos of John from when I was in the band More Than Passion with him. They can be found here: http://www.ubermusik.co.uk/mtp
Dave Morse, London

January 16, 2009
Your surmane may have changed since we played in bands together back in Wales, but I bet you were still writing amazing lyrics and melodies. A great talent. Shocking loss. Thoughts to your family.
Colin Bowen, Cardiff

January 14, 2009
my father taught me what I am, he never asked for anything but my best, and gave so much that I can now never repay. He truly had no equal, I wish only for him to watch over and guide my heart and soul through the times of darkness that may stand in my way. I will miss u eternally. forever my teacher, friend and mentor. I am trully blessed to be your son.To soar with my father I must first earn my wings.
Aitken Wilde

January 14, 2009
...been a week since you funeral...still don't know what to say...wish you were here...
Brett Ullman,
San Diego, California
January 14, 2009
Hey John, I'll miss you always...
Dave Heke, Chester, UK

January 13, 2009
Hi John... I didn't have much of an opportunity to benefit from your coaching, but learned a lot in the short time that I did. I recall a road trip to AZ with you and Aitken came along. I'm glad now that I had that chance to get to know you better. It is ashame that our next correspondence cannot be in person, but I hope you have found peace in another place. My condolences to your family.
Amanda Wilson,
San Diego, California

January 12, 2009
Truly a mate forever...will be missed by all who knew you,,cheers
Iain Rafferty, San Diego, California

January 12, 2009
John Wilde, you lived a full life in only half the time. You did OK buddy. We'll see you on the other side if there is one
Erik Anderson,
San Diego, California

January 12, 2009
John- You inspired me to be a better person, rugby coach, rugby player, and aspiring guitar player. Many stories shared, great times experienced, rugby games side by side, road trips, and band and solo gigs watched. And shenanigans too. You are and will be missed by me and many my friend. See you at the great gig in the sky someday
B Worman, San Diego, California

January 11, 2009
We shared a common lot in life, and I am glad I could be a friend during your journey. I am grateful to have known you...I pray you have found the peace you so longed for. Although I wish you had found it here on earth, I am thankful you can now rest.
Kristina DePue, Nashville, Tennessee

January 11, 2009
I was so happy when you got in touch. The years hadnt changed you. We had so much fun talking and laughing together.You always made me happy. I loved it when you sang to me .I will miss you so much. You were and always will be very special. X
Kate Dix, Plymouth

January 10, 2009
I cannot even express in words how sad and how sorry I am that John is no longer with us in this life. I am sorry for the people that never got to meet John. He is a part of so many incredible memories that I have from my time in San Diego. I am grateful for our friendship and that I never had to live my life without knowing him. I have the deepest sympathies for his family. Though I have only met Aiken and Aaron, he always talked about his family and how wonderful and talented they are. I am so sorry for your loss. He will be missed!!
Sara (Buddha) Livingston, Wilmington, North Carolina

January 09, 2009
John always pushed our rugby team to be our best... he forced us to BELIEVE in ourselves; and we are better for his efforts. I will always remember John's favorite saying when we would run sprints at practice: "Off you go, then!" His words resonate eternally - we can never achieve anything by standing still. Thanks, John. I'll never forget you.
Erica Beck/Pero, Virginia Beach, Virginia

January 09, 2009
My heart goes out to his family and friends. We only hung out a few times but it was enough to know what a great person he was. He will always be here with us as long as we keep him in out hearts and our minds. Keep on rockin.RIP, John
Missy Bumpus, Springfield, Illinois

January 09, 2009
John's energy, humor and passion for life will be what I carry in my heart as his memory and legacy; my prayers and deepest sympathies go out his beautiful family. John - thanks for your friendship, your inspiration, and your support. With you.
Koma Gandy, Brooklyn, New York

January 09, 2009
People fear death even more than pain. It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend.(Jim Morrison) Rip John.
Paul Roles, Cardiff

January 08, 2009
I loved drumming and making a great album with john,,,,dont understand,,hope he has found peace ,he was loved ,,,and I will always remember how hard me and john would laugh ,,,,rip my friend
Philip Tremblay, Nashville, Tennessee

January 08, 2009
I will cherish each conversation and all time spent with John. No one else has ever been able to open new doors like he was able.. He was very persistent and honest, he ended up meaning so much to me so easily in a short time. I send my sincere condolences to his family and most of all his children that he talked about constantly with such high regard. Missing you always
Christine Mazhar, Blaine

January 08, 2009
Aitken & Aaron are close friends to my kids, Becky & Tom. We feel such sadness and sincere condolences to the Wilde family and may John rest in peace.
Denise Stagg, Caddington

January 08, 2009
I met John in Springfield Illinois and he became my best friend. He got me into art school and taught me more than anybody ever had. "Always remember that you are the only one standing in the way of your dream" best thing he ever taught me. My heart goes out to the family and friends he never stopped talking about in the best way.
Rachel Caruso, Springfield, Illinois

January 08, 2009
We miss you with all our heart's you were the best Dad, husband, guitarist and friend may you rest in peace.
All our love Carol, Aitken, Aaron, Abi, Bonnie and J.J. xxxxx
Carol Wilde, London

January 07, 2009
i'm stunned, although the last tour we attempted fell apart, we spent a lot of time together. I wish to offer condolences to his wife and children.
David Hadley, Columbus, Georgia